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Body Conscious | January 2010 | Dublin 2


Body Conscious Dublin Exhibition

PrettyvacanT Dublin's first exhibition was Body Conscious, a window gallery in Temple Bar, Dublin.

We knew the Temple Bar area had a relatively high footfall, and the vacant building’s windows were spacious and could be backlit at night.

After deciding on the best way to display the work and sourcing some mannequins, the exhibition was ready for the public.

We loved artist Olive Barrett’s satirical T-shirts creations. Body Conscious took a scalpel to the po-faced slogans and phrases of the media and fashion industries, and recontextualised them as T-shirt slogans to parody the modern portrayal of body image.

Barrett was looking at notions of personal image and perfection, and examined the pressures placed on women - and more recently men - to attain to an ideal body image. 

All text had been mined from women’s publications previously on sale to the general public, both nationally and abroad, with quotes extracted and placed on the T-shirt front. 

It was asking us to question the responsibility and accountability of the media, and also asked us to think about the personal statements that feature on our clothing.

Olive Barrett is a mixed media artist based in Dublin who has recently begun to work with the moving image.  She graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin with a Higher Diploma in Art and Design Education in 2006 and previously with a Bachelor of Textile Design in 1998.

Her past work included installation, textile, site specific, video, photography, painting and drawing.  Recent selected exhibitions have included Pan-demonium,  New York, Claremorris Open Exhibition 2005 and 2009, BEFF5 Thailand and Union Videonal, Berlin.

PrettyvacanT Dublin's Body Conscious exhibition featured both on Phantom FM and in Le Cool Dublin.